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Coffee In Manila Novel
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Location: United States, Florida, Winter Park
Created: 07/11/2011
In a story where love, betrayal, remorse, desperation, forgiveness and redemption all come full-circle, it begins when Ryan Tipton travels halfway around the world to the Philippines to meet Maricel Arcamo, a woman he met online just six months ago. Their relationship quickly blossoms but crumbles one week later, after Ryan informs his new girlfriend that he never went back to the States after all. This comes as a complete and total shock to her, because she actually saw him off at the airport last week. They even shared a tearful embrace as her family looked on, before he boarded his plane supposedly headed back to the US. But that simply wasn’t the case. Instead, he remained in the Philippines another week to meet with two other Filipino women he’d also met on the same online dating site, both of whom were just as much in the dark about his secret betrayals as Maricel.

Full of utter remorse for lying to the woman he knew deep down inside he truly loved, Tipton finally places a frantic 3 a.m. call to Ernesto Angeles, a man he met last week in Manila. It turned out to be the best phone call of his life. After losing a daughter to suicide twenty years ago, a senseless death brought about by nothing more than a broken heart, Ernesto and his wife, Gloria, eventually turned their pain and grief into action, and set out to do all they could to help prevent anymore of these senseless suicides from occurring in their city. It ultimately led to the opening of Agape Coffee and Pastry Shoppe. In their twelve years in business, thousands of lives were forever changed, most of them mixed couples, prompting many to believe that God Himself had ordained this loving Filipino couple  to become guardian angels for so many of His hurting and needy people. Ryan Tipton and Maricel Arcamo were never more grateful to be among their many satisfied customers...
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