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Korean Visa Requirement for Filipinos

Pinoys in South Korea Thread, Korean Visa Requirement for Filipinos in Working or Living Abroad; Updated Visa Requirements for Tourists To attract more tourists from South East Asian countries, the Ministry of Justice in Korea ...
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Old 09-09-2011, 12:51 AM
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Smile Korean Visa Requirement for Filipinos

Updated Visa Requirements for Tourists

To attract more tourists from South East Asian countries, the Ministry of Justice in Korea has simplified the Korean tourist visa requirements and has started issuing double entry visa and extended multiple entry visa category and validity from1 year to 3 years.

Basic requirements are as follows:

- Application form
- Passport sized photo
- Original Passport (6Mons.Valid), Copy of passport first page.

l Short-term Visas(C-3) for Tourists: Single Entry
- For short term visitors to Korea
- Visa Requirements
1. Employment Certificate or Business Registration issued by SEC or DTI.
2. Personal Bank Certificate
3. Individual ITR or Form 2316 Copy (the previous year).

※ Notes
- In case the applicant cannot submit one of the above mentioned requirements, he/she can submit additional documents such as Land Titles, vehicle registration, Country Club or Golf Membership , and Pension Certificates
- For an applicant who has travelled or has valid visa to any one of the OECD member countries within the last 5years, applicants are only required to submit the requirements number ⑴ & OECD countries visa copy and arrival stamps
- If applicants are students, applicants are required to submit their School Certificate, Birth Certificate and Parents’ Documents (1,2,3).
- In case of incentive tours supported by a company that is listed in the Philippine stock exchange market, applicants can submit only the guarantee letter from the company.

l Double Visa
- For Visitors who plan to visit Korea 2 times within 6 months.
- Visa Requirements: Same requirements with Single Entry Visa
- Issuance Details: Status(C-3), Validity (6Mons.), Entry (Double)

l Short Term Multiple Entry Visa
- Qualified applicants
* Applicants who have obtained a permanent residency in any OECD member countries (except Korea) or people who visited OECD member countries more than 2times within the last 4years, or people who visited Korea more than 4 times within the last 2years.
* Group Tour Guides who has travelled to Korea more than once for the last 2 years
* Philippine Government Officials ,
* High Rank Officials/employees of International Airline Companies to Korea.
* Applicants who earn more than $10,000 annually or has Platinum international credit card
* Applicants who are invited for contract and consultation by Korean public agencies in connection to resources and energy development
* Applicants who are invited by the Korean Government to attend international forums, international conferences, international conventions.
* Executive or high ranking staff of a company that is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange market
* Reporters,PD, journalists, news editors etc. people who works in major media company for more than one year
* Professionals : i.e lawyers, doctors, accountants, professors( PRC or IBP card holders)
* Popular Celebrities ; Artist/Athlete/writers who can be searched or viewed in Philippine major media websites
* Retired workers aged 55 years above who are receiving pensions of more than P20,000 monthly
* People who obtained a two year college degree or bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctorate degree from Universities in Korea.
* Spouse, minor aged children and Parent’s in law of a Korean national
* Dependent(Spouse, Children etc) of Multiple visa holders

For other visas and further information, visit:

–’ Philippines –’

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