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My Video Talk – Read This “My Video Talk Review” Now…
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By now you’ve probably been hearing a lot of “Buzz” with My Video Talk. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering if My Video Talk is worth your time and money.

What if you invest a few hundreds dollars only to learn six months down the road, it would have been better hopping on a plane and hitting the Blackjack tables with to earn cash.

Inside this blog post I’m going to share with you the TRUTH about My Video Talk. You’re going to learn if My Video Talk is a scam, has a clear shot at growing, and if you’ll even be able to capitalize on that growth. As you know timing is critical in ANY business venture.

So first off, let’s talk about the company.

My Video Talk is a new network marketing company that recently launched in the US back in 2009. The company was created and owned by International LLC in Northern California and is focused on Internet marketing and software.

My Video Talk is all about creating innovative communications technologies to provide simple video technology changing the way people do business online. My Video Talk products are for individuals, small businesses and enterprise markets.

My Video Talk distributors receive a personal website and back-office to track sales and down line activity.

My Video Talk gives individuals the chance to earn EXTRA INCOME that eventually can turn into full-time income. Since it uses traditional network marketing techniques, My Video Talk Reps can generate income from their down-line. The larger down-line a member has, the more money they can get.

There are two options to join My Video Talk, $249.90 for the basic membership, & $399.90 for the business builders membership. The monthly maintenance fees are $29 or $49 to remain active, depending on which package you enroll with.

You need to consider this…

In today’s economy there are too many people that simply can’t afford a $250 a month Autoship. When you’re dealing with a service that ranges from $29-$49 per month, people can afford that. When making ANY decision to get started with a Network Marketing company, consider the monthly maintenance investment. So My Video Talk has that going for them.

The last thing you want is to get started and have NOBODY sign up because the monthly maintenance is through the roof.

My Video Talk offers 8 different ways to earn from their compensation plan. 6 are bonuses earned by sales volumes and recruiting new members. My Video Talk distributors earn $25 for every Basic Package and $100 for the Business Builders kits as a Fast Star Bonus.

The residual income for My Video Talk is calculated by a revolutionary Dual Core Double Binary compensation structure. The compensation is based on a 3:6 cycle ratio, meaning you will earn $25 for every 3 members recruited on your lesser leg and 6 on your strong leg. The maximum payout is $150K per month.

Not too bad right?

So that’s the straight goods about the company. I’ve personally been paid out and yes I’m earning money. In fact, my first week I sponsored 7 people, earning $700 in Fast Start Bonuses alone.

I want you to understand from my own experience, the company is legit and pays out on time every time. So, as far as the company My Video Talk is concerned, they are a great company.

"my video talk"
Now, do you actually stand a chance at cashing in on “My Video Talk”?

The real question is, do you actually stand a chance with ANY MLM company? My Video Talk is no different than the next shinny object. In fact, if you’re reading this right now, I’m going to guess My Video Talk is not the first company you’ve been involved with.

I personally know people that have been in and out of over 15 companies and you know how their doing? Well, they still work at the same job, earning the same amount of money, and still hoping that their dreams and goals will come true.

I’m here to burst a bubble you may have. If you don’t get proper training to market your My Video Talk business online and offline then you will probably never make a dime. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true.

Unless you start to improve your skills, strategies, and tactics, then you’ll struggle to make more than $500 a month with My Video Talk.

Again, that’s not meant to make you feel bad…

That’s meant to give you a REAL WORLD understanding that joining any network marketing company will not give you instant financial gratification.
So How Do You Actually Cash In With My Video Talk?

That’s simple. Learn how to market, and you’ll be receiving checks every week in the mail. It’s that easy.

Unless you understand how to market online and generate consistent FRESH new leads, you’ll be wasting your time.

I’m just being TOTALLY real with you…

In fact, you may as well just approach your friends and family. How did that work out for you? Did aunt Marry sign anyone up?

Of course not, and that’s because you may have been spending all your time with people who want NOTHING to do with you, or your business.

"my video talk"

To succeed with My Video Talk you’re going to need the following things

* A Mentor – Someone to teach you
* Online Marketing Training
* A Strong Active Team
* A Reliable And Active Sponsor (who knows online marketing)
* A Road Map To Teach Your Step By Step
* Mindset Training To Keep You Mentally In The Game
* Qualifying Phone Skill Training

Without having these basics your My Video Talk business isn’t going anywhere fast. So when you ask the question, is My Video Talk a money maker or time waster?

My personal opinion is Money Maker with the basis of these tools above, Time Waster without them.

The reason I say MONEY MAKER is because of the timing of the company, combined with the tools I said above, you can really capitalize on this.

my video talk

So I Get Started Today, What’s The First Step With My Video Talk?

Well this depends with what team you get started with for My Video Talk. If you get started with John Doe who knows NOTHING about online marketing you’re going to be running around doing a bunch of “Stuff” without receiving proper marketing training.

The last thing you want is to get started with a Team (Or Sponsor) and regret it.

Mainly because you can’t just switch. It usually takes 6 months with MLM companies before you can move over. My Video Talk is no exception.

And trust me, I’ve had people want to switch over to our team and that’s why I know.

So the very first step is to determine where you’re at with your marketing skills then create a “Road Map” or plan of action to achieve your results.

I personally coach and consult people inside both, the Network Marketing and Personal Development Industry.

So here is the follow aspects we’d focus on with My Video Talk:

* Personal Branding
* Social Media Marketing
* SEO Training (1st Page Of Google)
* PPC Training (Pay Per Click)
* Article Marketing
* Creating “Money Sites”

If you’re going to get started with ANY MLM company be smart. If it’s My Video Talk, or not, be sure to hook up with people where you can receive FREE TRAINING.

Before I got started with My Video Talk I was going to invest over $2000 a month into coaching. I was able to receive that coaching for $50 a month with the team I’m on with My Video Talk.

You need to weight your options and think about, are you going to be receiving more than just the company itself. That’s how you view this opportunity so you can FULLY capitalize on it.

"my video talk"
So To Close Off This My Video Talk Post

The questions becomes can you make money with My Video Talk and is the timing right? Would I invest my time into something where I’m not making money, and others are doing the same that get started with me?

Absolutely not.

Seriously, my heart wouldn’t let me. I just don’t function like that.

The timing is right for you, the training is outstanding, so good in fact you’ll be able to use these teaches even if you decided to stop doing My Video Talk.

Plus you’ve got a great compensation plan, and company itself.

The question is not if you can make money, it’s when. And that decision starts with you. For the people who are taking action as I write this, are the ones who are profiting. If you wait a year, you’ll still be able to get in, but you’re going to miss that FAST team building momentum.

If you want to make money with My Video Talk then now’s the time to take action. There are HUGE paychecks to earn, it’s all depends when you want to start your online training with myself and our team, and start earning.

for inquiries kindly call me at 09393213635 or email me at
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