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Gender: Male
Age: 50
Location: United States, Arizona, Chandler
Last Online: 03/07/2017

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Advance happy bday sir...wish u all the best & GODBLESS
My love Andy,
To be original, I didn't buy you a present. The stores never renovate their
stocks and birthday cards never change! Everything is always the same …
so repetitive!
And also because, poor little me, I wouldn't even be able to send it to
So, I decided to give something nobody else can give you, because it cannot
be found in a store, doesn't fit in an envelope and doesn't exist in the
selection of the web: my birthday present!

It's the most precious thing I have, because it is a little bit of myself. It's
a little key that opens the safe inside me, where you may find all that is pure,
true, sacred and personal. This little key is not of gold, but has immense value
because it comes wrapped with the earnest desire of seeing you always happy,
without ever being a burden on you. If you wish, you may call it "Friendship"
(or, even more appropriately, "Love")

Let the happiness I wish you today be with you ever and ever! How good it is
that you exist. How nice it is that you're important to me. And how wonderful
it is to be in the list of those you care for. If you didn't exist in my life,
there would be an enormous emptiness inside me, in time and in the world!
I am sure that God himself
endorses, smilingly, all that I have just written down …!

Happy birthday, my love!

FE (Klaudia koronel)
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